Clinical, -omics and imaging biomarkers of complex psychiatric disorders

11 – 13 September 2024

Psychiatric disorders and suicidal behavior are the result of complex interactions between genomic variations, epigenetic modifications, and other regulatory mechanisms that affect gene expression. Understanding the mechanisms underlying gene expression may not only help in diagnosis and prediction of treatment response but also provide valuable insights into the molecular mechanisms of drug’s action.
Using, for example, co-expression network analysis-based methods, disease-relevant clusters of co-regulated genes can be identified and further integrated with genetic and epigenetic data for a comprehensive investigation of biological underpinnings of mental illness and for predicting psychiatric disorders and suicide risk.

This summer school will focus on the in tegration of clinical, imaging, and genetics/omics biomarkers to diagnose and improve pharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders and related conditions including suicidal behaviors.
It aims to blend clinical psychiatry with molecular genetics and transcriptomics through theoretical sessions and practical workshops, data management, analysis, and interpretation for psychiatric conditions and traits, including major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and suicidality…

Target audience:

ECNP members and non-members. PhD students, early career, clinician researchers, senior scientists etc.
Please note that some prior knowledge of the programming language R is recommended (elementary knowledge and onwards).

Application requirements:

– CV and motivation letter
– Recommendation (head of department)
– Application form to download here: Summerschoool Application-form

The application must be send to  [email protected] and the deadline is July 15 th, 2024.

Registration fee:
300€ per participant: All fees & Accomodation included.
Transportation not included (travel award available)

Venue: Centre de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Bordeaux
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By car :
Closest accesses are :
– 40 rue Albert Marquet
– or 14 rue Eugène Jacquet

By tram :
Tram A
(arrêt Saint Augustin ou François Mitterrand)

By bus :
Bus 24, 55 (arrêt Campus Carreire)
Bus 8, 20, 73 ,80
(arrêt Bordeaux Carreire)

N 44.82459°  W -0.60799°

Keynote Speakers:

Bernhard Baune, University of Münster, Germany.
Francesco Benedetti, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy.
Mara Dierssen, CRG, Barcelona, Spain.
Giuseppe Fanelli, University of Bologna, Italy.
Patrick Fisher, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lalit Kaurani, DZNE-Göttingen, Germany.
François-Xavier Lejeune, Paris Brain Institute, France.
Alessandra Minelli,
University of Brescia, Italy.
Júlia Perera-Bel,
Hospital del Mar Research Institute (HMRI), Barcelona, Spain.
Claudia Pisanu,
Cagliari University, Italy.
Marie-Claude Potier,
Paris Brain Institute, France.
Anjali Sankar, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark.
Alessandro Serretti,
Kore University of Enna, Italy.
Alessio Squassina,
Cagliari University, Italy.
Evelien Van Assche,
University of Münster, Germany.

You can download the flyer and program for more information:

ECNP_Bordeaux School _Flyer
ECNP_Bordeaux School_program_Flyer_FINAL