The Bordeaux School of Neuroscience & the CAJAL Training Programme are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. Please find more information here.

What we do

We organize advanced courses in all fields of neuroscience :

  • Based on “hands-on” training : all courses combine lectures and experimental neuroscience practice
  • Open to the international community

What we offer

  • A dedicated training laboratory fully equipped for modern neuroscience research
  • A dedicated staff for the logistics
  • Access to high level core facilities of Bordeaux Neurocampus

Next trainings

February 28 to March 18
Cajal course “Bioenergetics for brain function” #BBF

May 2 to 22
Cajal course “Neural circuit basis of computation and behaviour” #NCBCB

June 13 to July 1
Cajal course “Single cell profiling and analysis in neuroscience” #SCPAN

Dates to be confirmed
Cajal course “Neuroepigenetics: writing, reading and erasing the epigenome”

Our partners